What We Do

We Support people to maintain their independence in the community

  • Supporting people to choose where to live when they feel ready to live independently 
  • support with looking after money and benefits (budgeting)
  • Prompting/ getting washed and dressed and personal care
  • Supporting and teaching people life skills such as cooking, shopping and looking after their well-being 
  • Encouraging them to go to college or doing courses
  • Encouraging and assisting them to find paid employment or doing voluntary work
  • Encouraging participation in the community, forming meaning friendships and attending activities that enhance motivation and promote positive change.

Elerise Care

We Provide Exceptional Care Services

We are totally committed to providing a high-quality service provision, with continuous examinations for where we can make improvements to the standard of care, and support, we offer.

Emergency Case

07878913651 or 07572 974332

Opening Hours